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Missha is the first cosmetic and skin care shop that offered their product at a civilians price. As they are surrounded with steeply priced competitor’s cosmetics, their mission and goal is to normalize such extravagant price.

Saturday June 6, 2009 07:25

Movie – Speed Scandal aka Scandal Makers

This is a comedy movie that acted by one of my favorite comedic actor ‘Cha Tae Hyun’ who also acted in the movie ‘My Sassy Girl‘. Written and directed by first time film maker Kang Hyung Chul and produced by A.P.T director Ahn Byung Ki.

South Media media reports that even though ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ had finished broadcast in South Korea for some time, this did not decrease the popularity of the drama. Recently both Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong regathered again to shoot for the Samsung Anycall’s Haptic Mission ads in the second quarter. They both mentioned […]

Although Pepsi Logo and Korean flag look similar nowadays, but they are originated differently, and by tracing the chronology, we can see they are originated from different concept:

SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ gives viewers a ‘clean politics’ National Civil Service Union expressed that they feel very happy watching Shin Mi Rae fighting hard against the corrupt mayor and his corruption. They mentioned that in the real fact that there are still some leaders of the local governments exist in the state […]