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Girls’ Generation’s new songs ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has been involved in the copyright dispute with the Uzbekistan singer.

SS501 were be flying back to Seoul today from Hong Kong after their official fans gathering session in Hong Kong had ended. Warm greeting from fans

South Media reports that SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ has the grand finale broadcast yesterday night. The drama has hit the overall TV champion record ratings at 20%.

SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ grand finale would be broadcast today. In episode 19 which was broadcast yesterday, there was a scene where Cha Seung Won and Kim Seon Ah have to stand in the rain for 6 hours. Regardless of being soaked in the rain for 6 hours, the production team was touched […]

In order to win the hearts of the young ladies, every Etude House outlets are designed like a fairy princess’s house.