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Enlisted in the army this year April, South Korean singer and actor Kim Jeong Hoon recently upload his handsome army photos in his cyworld home page.

Thursday August 13, 2009 00:08

Goo Hye Sun sings in her TV ad

Goo Hye Sun has started shooting her TV ad. Apart from an actress, she is a novelist, a painter, a film director and soon a singer.

Wednesday August 12, 2009 00:07

Lee Min Ho is keen to learn foreign languages

Lee Min Ho was currently resting with all his schedule activities put to a stop. It is reported that recently Lee Min Ho has hired personal foreign language lecturers to teach him foreign languages on a regular basis.

Tuesday August 11, 2009 08:45

FT Island in Baviphat 2009

In June this year, FT Island became the spokesperson of new cosmetics brand Baviphat (바비펫). They had a special fan signature session held in Seoul, Myeongdong on the 28th June this year. Baviphat is a new cosmetics brand in Korea. Now let’s us check out the promotion pictures!

Kim Joon was now known as the icon of Incheon City. To go along with this, Songdo Park Hotel in Incheon city has design one of their hotel room and named it as ‘Kim Joon’s Room’.