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T-MAX’s Yun Hwa together with 2AM’s Jinwoon, FT Island’s Seung Hyun and U-Kiss’s Dong Ho are taking part in the “Women Battle” in the SBS ETV ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ which will be broadcast on 5th Dec. Does he looks like Min Hyo Rin & Jo Yoon Hee?

Saturday December 5, 2009 01:11

Kwon Sang Woo launchs cosmetics brand ‘Tears’

It was reported that Kwon Sang Woo held a press conference in his own coffee shop ‘Tea’us’ in Myeong Dong on the 4 Dec 2009 and formally announcing the beginning of his cosmetics business.

Korean idol group SS501 members Kim Hyun Joong and Heo Young Saeng explains and tell the truth about their rumors earlier on this year of the two women they met in Hong Kong. The paparazzi had took photos of them and two women.

Wednesday December 2, 2009 10:33

Jung Yong Hwa’s 10asia interview & photos

Check out Jung Yong Hwa’s interview with 10asia as he revealed more information of himself in the interview.

Tuesday December 1, 2009 09:52

Kim Hyun Joong’s 2010 Hotsun Desk Calendar

Hotsun Fried Chicken launched a Kim Hyun Joong’s 2010 desk calendar recently. Kim Hyun Joong’s pictures appeared on every month of the calender. So are you drooling over the pictures of the fried chicken or the pictures of Kim Hyun Joong?