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‘Wang ja byong’, ‘Gong ju byong’ and ‘Myong rang byong’. These are 3 common types of illness you will see in Korean TV Drama. Do you know that it no use to see a doctor as there is no way to cure all these illness?

Kimchi Jjigae is surely one of the dishes Koreans eat most, and its main ingredient is none other than Kimchi. There can be a lot of variety in Kimchi Jjigae, depending on what you put in it. There’s Chamchi Kimchi Jjigae, which is Kimchi Jjigae with tuna in it. If you add yubu it becomes [...]

Kyochon is one of the famous fried chicken franchise chain in Seoul, Korea. Their spokeperson is none other but the popular South Korean boy band group, Shinhwa.

Korean star Kwon Sang Woo along with his friends, had just opened his first new coffee shop named Tea’us on the 16th May in Myeongdong at 3pm. The 33 year old actor was present at the launch of the cafe and spoke to the press about his new joint venture.

Jukbuin means ‘Bamboo Wife’ or ‘Dutch Wife’ in Korean. Where did such a term come from? The name gives you a hint about what it is used for. Jukbuin is used in the summer months to help you sleep when it gets too hot. Used mainly in the homes of noble aristocrats, these devices were [...]

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