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Know which among Korea’s  alcoholic drinks has the longest history? That would be none other than  makgeolli, the fermented wine that looks white like milk and contains, among other things, barley and flour.

Everyone watches and loves ‘Boys Before Flowers’. So definitely everyone knows about the porridge shop that Geum Jan Di worked in. The name of the porridge shop is ‘Bonjuk’.

People visiting Korea’s countryside might be surprised to discover rows upon rows of large and small, brown earthenware pots placed on a special platform. Spices and seasonings used to make Korean food are pickled and preserved in these pots, which include hangari 항아리and onggi 옹기(pots typically smaller than hangari)

What, in addition to kimchi, is something famous that comes from Korea? Ginseng (insam)! Have you ever tired ginseng? It’s raised from medical and food purposes, and in the mountains grow wild ginseng.

Can you remember the drawing on Korea’s 10 Won coin? That’s a sketch of a Dabotap. Korea has been heavily influenced by Buddhism, so it has a lot of cultural articles that are related to Buddhism such as its temples, Buddha statues and pagodas.

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