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Have you ever heard of Son Gi Jeong, the Korean marathoner? He was Korea’s first gold medalist in the Olympic marathon. Son Gi Jeong (Middle) – notice the Japan flag on his chest?

The title seonsaengnim (선생님, teacher) means to someone who teaches, but in Korea it has a wide range of meanings.

Have you seen the Korean movie ‘The King and The Clown? In it, you’ll notice a scene with Korean Talchum, or a mask dance. Many countries around the world have mask dances handed down to them through the centuries, and Korea is no exception.

Banana milk is a Korean national drink in Korea. It is one of the most popular drink in Korea. Korean Banana milk beverage tastes slightly similar to the taste of the milk juice. 바나나맛 우유 – The best selling brand in Korea

Have a dream of becoming a princess? Visit Korea to make it possible. Add this place in your itinerary on your next trip to Korea!

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