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Jung Yong Hwa has been said and regarded as the second ‘Ji Hoo’ in Korean TV drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ where he always stay by Mi Nam’s side like Ji Hoo staying by Jan Di’s side. Jung Yong Hwa

Do you still remember the scene where Kim Sam Soon read a poem from the bus notice board while waiting for the bus?

School Food 스쿨푸드

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School Food is a food chain restaurant in Seoul, Korea. They have many branches in different parts of Seoul.

Do you know what kind of shoes Koreans wear when they wear hanboks? In the old days they wore shoes made of leather or straw, but ones made of rubber quickly became popular because they are waterproof and practical. The first king to wear rubber shoes was Joseon’s King Sunjong.

Have you been to the Korean Folk Village, or seen the movie ‘The King and The Clown’? If you have, you’ll remember seeing someone moving around a tightrope completely free and as he pleases.

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