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The Face Shop products were made from natural plant ingredients. Using high quality and reasonable price, The Face Shop ‘attacked’ into the Korea’s evaluate skin care markets.

Monday July 27, 2009 06:26

Dakssaum 닭싸움

Have you ever heard of dakssaum? The word literally means ‘Chicken fight’ so you might think it refers to cockfighting, but in this case it is a form of play done by holding one leg up with an arm while hopping around on the other leg trying to knock one’s opponent down, and it makes […]

It’s Sunday! A time to relax, sit back and read my post that I have posted on my blog. On Thursday I wrote a post about Kim Seon Ah and that reminds me to write a post about something related.

Saturday July 11, 2009 06:00

NongShim – Shin Ramyun

The reason why Shin Ramyun has become one of Korean’s favorite instant noodles brand in 1988 is because of it fiery red, spicy taste hot soup that can make you cry. Shin Ramyun – Pack Noodle

I guess the hottest and most popular Korean TV drama right now is ‘Boys Before Flowers’. So I wrote this post while the iron is still hot. I don’t know whether anyone did notice but let’s us find out a special magic trick that Goo Hye Sun has performed for us in ‘Boys Before Flowers’.