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It’s had been a while since I last talk about Korean travel. So for today I will be talking about my last visit to Korea ^^ As most of my readers would have known that my very first Korean drama is ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’, therefore I won’t want to miss visiting the [...]

As an appreciation for all the support that we receive so far for Koreanclicks and Koreanthings, we will be giving away 3 goodie bags worth S$25.00 of our retail price to our 3 lucky winners! Simply follow the 3 steps below and get yourself enroll in the lucky draw. It’s that easy! =) This giveaway [...]

Jindo, or “Jin Island,” located in South Jeolla province, is home to the “Jindogae.” a designated natural treasure. This species of dog receive special government protection.

For those who had followed closely on Lee Jun Ki’s news, he is in the army now. However, do you remember that before he entered in the army he actually took part in the production of a new Korean teaching material called, Hello Korean, This teaching material is specially created for those who wants to [...]

F.T Island Sheet Mask Giveaways!

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In term of celebrating Koreanclicks’s one year anniversary, we are giving out away 4 FREE FT Island’s Baviphat Sheet Masks!

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