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Have you ever heard of Son Gi Jeong, the Korean marathoner? He was Korea’s first gold medalist in the Olympic marathon. Son Gi Jeong (Middle) – notice the Japan flag on his chest?

The title seonsaengnim (선생님, teacher) means to someone who teaches, but in Korea it has a wide range of meanings.

In the last part of ‘MBC ‘Golden Fishery Radio Show – SS501 Special’ on 16th Dec, SS501 chosen ‘GOD’s songs – For Mum’ as the most classic idol song. After which they said out the reason why.

A survey shows that 98% of 20 to 30 year old women are interested in plastic surgery. Recently, more men are also involved in this plastic surgery trend.

Korean Hallyu star Lee Jun Ki published an article on his mini cyworld homepage to remind everyone to be careful of travel frauds.

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