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For those who loves Korea should have heard of ‘Nanta’. Some may even watched their spectacular show.

Yonhap reported that more than half of the South Korea artists signed 10 years and above contract with their company.

Yesterday I received my prize from the KTO for the Top 100 Blogs. Wow, they sent it via airmail to my home. I felt excited and have been looking forward to receive this prize. It acts as a memorable gift for me for writing posts and news about Korea. Times really does flies, I have [...]

Starting from this month 26th to 25th November, Seoul City will be having a 2 months ’2009 Seoul Offer Season’ activities. Hundreds of shopping centers, hotels and restaurants will offer a maximum of 50% discount and hold up various events.

The first time when I came across this TV commercial and it’s really funny. I can’t stop myself laughing at the baby and eager of finding out more. Therefore I started doing my searching on the internet. Here the article about ‘QOOK‘.

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