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Learn how to fold a Towel Sheep Head

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If you are a Kdrama addict like me, this scene is not strange to you. In most Korean dramas, you can normally see those actors and actress going to the sauna to relax and relieve pressure.

Seoul Subway Line 9, its opening delayed due to technical problems related to fare collection system when transferring, will open on Friday, 24th July at 7.00pm after solving the problems. Mayor of Seoul City had a test ride on 16th July

My 100th Post – A new blog on the web

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Hi everyone, this is my 100th post therefore I want to make it a difference. I have been blogging for 2 months and notice that most koreanclicks’s readers have been reading through the posts and lurking around my blog but not really giving me any comments or feedback.

Having special ties with South Korea, Michael Jackson said that he would come to Korea again on the day when North and South Korea reunify.

What happens when its Summer in Korea? I don’t really know until I got to read some information on it. Therefore I combined all the information I have and create this post. Hope you enjoy reading it! Grapes is ripe Bunches of green grapes are ripe and  transmitted the message of Summer. Summer is the [...]

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