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I don’t know whether I’m counted as a Korean drama addict, but after I fell in love in watching Korean drama, these are some of the things that I am doing now and that I want to do in future: 1. Staying up late at night to watch the whole series of a Korean drama at one shot [...]

5 ways to impress your girlfriend or wife

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I’m suggesting 5 ways that you can impress your girlfriend or wife especially if she is a Korean drama addict like ME! 1) Sing 너를 사랑해 (I love you) to her over the phone (scene from The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) 2) Put small love notes in her packet of popcorn (scene from Witch [...]

Korean Wave – Hallyu 한류

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It all started with our all times favorite drama ‘Winter Sonata’ (겨울 연가) The first and most popular Korean TV drama that was shown on its satellite channel in 2003. Touching story and beautiful sceneries  are the main reason for making this drama so popular. 한류 = 韩流 (‘Han Liu’ in Chinese)  What is Hallyu? [...]

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