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Muui Island 무의도

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Have you ever been to Incheon? As a port city, it is next to the sea and that makes for plenty of places to see. One among them is Muuido, or Muui Island, the set for the well known Korean dramas “Stairways to Heaven” and “Silmido’.

It’s had been a while since I last talk about Korean travel. So for today I will be talking about my last visit to Korea ^^ As most of my readers would have known that my very first Korean drama is ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’, therefore I won’t want to miss visiting the [...]

If you are considering what products to get for your tired skin, try the natural Korean cosmetics “Innisfree, an island that gives your skin a rest!” Innisfree advertise through from Jeju’s natural vitality, makes skin shine and clean. Innisfree is a brand under Amore Pacific Company.

Jindo, or “Jin Island,” located in South Jeolla province, is home to the “Jindogae.” a designated natural treasure. This species of dog receive special government protection.

The concept of The Saem is very different from other products where they bring their product more closer to the consumers.

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