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People visiting Korea’s countryside might be surprised to discover rows upon rows of large and small, brown earthenware pots placed on a special platform. Spices and seasonings used to make Korean food are pickled and preserved in these pots, which include hangari 항아리and onggi 옹기(pots typically smaller than hangari)

What, in addition to kimchi, is something famous that comes from Korea? Ginseng (insam)! Have you ever tired ginseng? It’s raised from medical and food purposes, and in the mountains grow wild ginseng.

The title seonsaengnim (선생님, teacher) means to someone who teaches, but in Korea it has a wide range of meanings.

Have you seen the Korean movie ‘The King and The Clown? In it, you’ll notice a scene with Korean Talchum, or a mask dance. Many countries around the world have mask dances handed down to them through the centuries, and Korea is no exception.

Do you know what kind of shoes Koreans wear when they wear hanboks? In the old days they wore shoes made of leather or straw, but ones made of rubber quickly became popular because they are waterproof and practical. The first king to wear rubber shoes was Joseon’s King Sunjong.

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