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Have you been to the Korean Folk Village, or seen the movie ‘The King and The Clown’? If you have, you’ll remember seeing someone moving around a tightrope completely free and as he pleases.

A survey shows that 98% of 20 to 30 year old women are interested in plastic surgery. Recently, more men are also involved in this plastic surgery trend.

Korea has a diverse range of traditional drinks. Have you tried any? One among them is misutgaru. Misutgaru Drink

A lot of people think that most Korean food is hot and spicy, like Kimchi. However, there are plenty of Korean dishes that are not hot and are quite delicious. Pajeon is one among them.

Taekkyeon 태껸

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Surely everyone with an interest in Korea has heard of Taekwondo. There is a Korean martial art with a far longer tradition. It’s called Taekkyeon (태껸).

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