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Wednesday June 24, 2009 02:05

Debut of Korea 50,000 won bill

The long waited 50,000 won bill has finally made its debut in Korea. The new 50,000 banknotes went into circulation on Tuesday 23th June, making the first new issuance of paper currency in 36 years since 1973, when the 10,000 won note was introduced. The new 50,000 note will be 6mm bigger than the 10,000 […]

Thursday June 18, 2009 03:12

Korea Folk Remedies

What do you do when you feel pain in your stomach? Do you take medicine? Do you go to a clinic or hospital? What did they do in the days when there were no hospitals and no pharmacies? Scene from ‘My Girl‘ – when the doctor pricked Joo Yoo Rin’s finger

Thursday June 11, 2009 01:57

When it begins to snow..

Every year when winter is about to come, young people in Korea would wait for the arrival of the first snow. Whenever they encounter the first snow, they would send out mass text messages to their friends and ask them to see it as soon as possible.

Although Pepsi Logo and Korean flag look similar nowadays, but they are originated differently, and by tracing the chronology, we can see they are originated from different concept:

Tuesday June 2, 2009 02:16

Learn about the DOs and DON’Ts in Korea.

I got this information from the Seoul City Guide (Published by Lonely Planet) which I bought. It’s a good guide book especially for those first time travelers who are going to Seoul, Korea.