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‘Wang ja byong’, ‘Gong ju byong’ and ‘Myong rang byong’. These are 3 common types of illness you will see in Korean TV Drama. Do you know that it no use to see a doctor as there is no way to cure all these illness?

Jukbuin means ‘Bamboo Wife’ or ‘Dutch Wife’ in Korean. Where did such a term come from? The name gives you a hint about what it is used for. Jukbuin is used in the summer months to help you sleep when it gets too hot. Used mainly in the homes of noble aristocrats, these devices were [...]

How I wish I can celebrate all these special days with my loved one if we were living in Korea! It’s so romantic to have one such holiday in every month, there are even two in October and November! Oh.. I just love Korea! January 14th – Diary Day Couples are meant to give each [...]

Almost the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day on the 14th Feb, this includes Korea too. However in Korea, women are the one who would buy the chocolate and gifts for the men. So on the White Day which is one month later (14th March) It’s time for the men to buy back the chocolate or [...]

If you happen to meet any Koreans, don’t feel weird when they asked you this question: ‘What is your blood type’? You maybe wondering in your mind now. Why do they want to ask you this question? Isn’t it something personal? Korean movie ‘My boyfriend is type B‘ (B형 남자친구) tells you all. In the [...]

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