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UEE is a member of the South Korean girl band ‘After School’. She was selected as Samsung’s Anycall model. Together with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong, she was involved in the shooting of the new Samsung’s Anycall commercial ad.

To celebrate the success of ‘Year 2009 Incheon Visit’ and ‘Incheon World City Celebration’, in particular the ‘Incheon Korean Wave Festival 2009′ was being held. This event gathers the most top Korean stars to perform together in the Korean concerts and Korean fans meeting sessions.

Recently, the popular Korean group SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong and member Heo Young Saeng were caught on the camera by the Hong Kong’s paparazzi, together with their secondary school friends in Hong Kong. Kim Hyun Joong (top) Heo Young Saeng (bottom)

FT Island in Baviphat 2009

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In June this year, FT Island became the spokesperson of new cosmetics brand Baviphat (바비펫). They had a special fan signature session held in Seoul, Myeongdong on the 28th June this year. Baviphat is a new cosmetics brand in Korea. Now let’s us check out the promotion pictures!

Before new female duo ‘TEN’ has debuts, not only their promotional photos caused a stir to the netizens that they are lesbians but when one of the members has make known to public that she has a tattoo at her back on 29 July last month this also created as one of the hottest topic [...]

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