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Wow! The mini star crackers look extra tasty with Super Junior appearing on the wrappers! Don’t you feel like buying all 7 designs? You can eat the crackers and look at them at the same time!

On 2nd August at 3.30pm, hundreds of TVXQ‘s fans were waiting for the return of TVXQ from Japan at the Gimpo International Airport, causing a disorder in the airport.

Almost 800,000 fans were panicked after hearing the news about the crisis that TVXQ may disband.

It was said that viewers find Brown Eyed Girls’ new song MV ‘Abracadabra‘ was too daring. The MV included murder, homosexuality and sexual similar scenes caused the disputes.

No doubt that Kim Hyun Joong is very popular right now and so was the idol group that he leads – SS501. They were appointed as Goodwill Ambassador on July 13 around 2pm at Gimpo Airport, Seoul by Korea Airport Corporation (KAC).

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