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Lee Min Ho & Kim Bum photos was found in Lee Min Ho’s blog. It was said that Lee Min Ho revealed and posted photos of him and Kim Bum having a meal together at a restaurant.

Have you watch the movie that Goo Hye Sun directed? I’m really looking forward to watch it soon! Won’t want to miss a great director’s film. Anyway here’s some of Goo Hye Sun’s Yonhap interview photos on 12 July 2010.

Oh I think I’m a bit late on this but this is something so lovely that I wanted to post up. Kim So Eun in her wedding dress!

Goo Hye Sun for SURE

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Check out Goo Hye Sun posing for Sure magazine in the July issue. She for sure looks like a director the way she dress.

Being the most hit in most new album charts in South Korea, C.N. Blue recalled the difficulties that they faced before they debut. They told the reporters that they used to be young fans before. They ever went to watch their favorite idol “Linkin Park” performance and they almost fainted due to lack of oxygen [...]

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