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Kim Bum’s new drama role

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Kim Bum had announced that he would be turning into the tough guy in his next coming role in ‘Dream’ (드림) Together he would be acting with Joo Jin Mo who acted in the Korean movie ‘200 Pound Beauty‘ and pop singer Son Dam Bi. I guess it’s really hard to imagine that Kim Bum [...]

Because of his busy schedule, Lee Min Ho, the actor who act as the leader of F4 in ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ would have to postponed his leg surgery to June. He hurted his leg during his holidays in 2006 in a traffic accident and have to perform a surgery to insert the steel plates and [...]

Even since ‘Boys Before Flowers’ was shown in Korea, Kim Bum (acting as So Yi Jung in Boys Before Flowers) become one of the most popular in advertising model of 2009. Together with Seo Woo (acting as Seo Jong Hee in ‘Crush and Blush’, they have been selected by Maxim to shoot the latest commercial. The commercial [...]

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