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Jang Geun Suk in Audi Magazine

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Many people must have know him by then after watching his most popular Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. Audi is also the one of the sponsor for the Korean TV drama ‘You’re beautiful’.

Fans posted Kara – Goo Hara’s childhood photos online. The photos of her past and now are shows a great difference!

Jung Yong Hwa ever mention that he ever date a girl from ‘Face King’ before, however they have already broke up. It was said in one of the Korean website that the young lady in the following photo used to be Jung Yong Hwa’s ex girlfriend.

K-pop idol group T-Max has adorned the billboards of Thailand’s capital of Bangkok, according to their company Planet 905.

SS501 fans took photos of Lee Min Ho shooting Korean TV drama ‘Personal Taste’ at the Incheon International Airport by chance. Thank you Charlene for sharing!

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