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Everyone watches and loves ‘Boys Before Flowers’. So definitely everyone knows about the porridge shop that Geum Jan Di worked in. The name of the porridge shop is ‘Bonjuk’.

The ‘Boys Before Flowers’ campaign in Japan on the 5th Sept was a very successful one. There are a lot of good music and nice performances. Artists from South Korea have a good time with their fans in Japan.

I guess the hottest and most popular Korean TV drama right now is ‘Boys Before Flowers’. So I wrote this post while the iron is still hot. I don’t know whether anyone did notice but let’s us find out a special magic trick that Goo Hye Sun has performed for us in ‘Boys Before Flowers’.

Previously I was talking about the most heart warming kissing scene, today I’ll continue to talk about a kissing scene in Korean TV drama ‘Boys Before Flower‘. Can you still remember the scene where Jan Di was selling biscuits on the road and happen that a car passed by and Jun Pyo and his mother [...]

South Korean media reports that the scene which Gong Yoo gracious kissed Yoon Eun Hye from MBC TV drama ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince‘ has been voted ‘The most heart warming kiss’.

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