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Ever since Lee Min Ho went back to Korea after the campaign in Taiwan, he had scheduled his leg operation on the 5th June at 5am. But he would not be able to rest for long, as his birthday party concert will be less than one month time. Lee Min Ho was expected to rest [...]

SBS Korean TV drama ‘City Hall’ gives viewers a ‘clean politics’ National Civil Service Union expressed that they feel very happy watching Shin Mi Rae fighting hard against the corrupt mayor and his corruption. They mentioned that in the real fact that there are still some leaders of the local governments exist in the state [...]

The power of ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ is astonishing. On the 3rd day, there are 500 more fans (comparing to the first day they arrived) blasting off to the airport to send off their idols. Fans put out their little hands just to have a touch of their idol, Lee Min Ho. The cameras keep flashing [...]

KBS2TV will be broadcasting a new Korean TV drama ‘Partners’. Posters and images of Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo have already been released to the public. These posters turned out to be eye-catching because of their new lawyers images.

According to the South Korean media reports, Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo kissed Yoona in the last episode of the Korean TV drama ‘Cinderella Man’. When viewers get to know about Kwon Sang Woo kissing Yoona (SNSD/Girls’ Generation) who is 14 year old younger than him, they began to guess what will be the outcome [...]

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