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Saturday November 14, 2009 03:55

Jung Yong Hwa’s Mnet short interview

He’s one of the hottest and popular man right now. He’s also one of my favorite artist. Check out his live interview with Mnet.

Sunday November 8, 2009 04:22

A.N.JELL in High Cut

For those who have been watching and chasing after the new Korean TV drama series ‘You’re Beautiful’, there’s no need an introduction of who is A.N.JELL. If you are a fans of them, be sure to check out their photos in High Cut.

Although TV drama ‘Dream’ has ended recently, fans and audiences still miss their favorite idol, Kim Bum. Well, here a collection of Kim Bum’s 76 facial expressions from the SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’ showing his attractive and handsome image to the fans.

KBS Korean TV drama ‘My Fair Lady’ received the highest ratings on its final episode shown on 8th October.

SBS Korean TV drama ‘Dream’ has ended on the 29th September. According to the South Korea ratings company TNS statistics, the last episode received 5.8% of the national ratings.