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This is a comedy movie that acted by one of my favorite comedic actor ‘Cha Tae Hyun’ who also acted in the movie ‘My Sassy Girl‘. Written and directed by first time film maker Kang Hyung Chul and produced by A.P.T director Ahn Byung Ki.

If you ever watch all these 3 versions Meteor Garden series (Taiwanese Version, Japanese Version and Korean Version) You may notice that different countries came out with their very own necklaces.

I got this information from the Seoul City Guide (Published by Lonely Planet) which I bought. It’s a good guide book especially for those first time travelers who are going to Seoul, Korea.

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Lee Jun Ki – J Style

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Lee Jun Ki – an actor name best known for Korean movie like ‘The King and The Clown‘ and Korean TV drama like ‘My Girl‘ and ‘Time Between Dog And Wolf‘ According to Lee Jun Ki’s company Mentor, they originally planned to held a public appearance of the album cover on the 18th April, the [...]

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