Banana milk is a Korean national drink in Korea. It is one of the most popular drink in Korea. Korean Banana milk beverage tastes slightly similar to the taste of the milk juice.

바나나맛 우유 – The best selling brand in Korea

How popular is Banana Milk? When you step into the Korea Supermarket, you can see many different brands of banana milk. Almost everyone in the supermarket has this sweet delicious drink in their shopping carts.

바나나는 원래 하얗다 – 2nd best selling brand in Korea

Every year there are at least 2 to 3 new brands of banana milk release in the market. Currently ‘바나나맛 우유’ is the best selling brands in the market. Banana milk is also recommended by the Korean as a must drink beverage for tourists who came to South Korea.

미노스바나나맛 우유

동생 몰래 바나나 오래

SNSD Banana Milk Commercial