Everyone watches and loves ‘Boys Before Flowers’. So definitely everyone knows about the porridge shop that Geum Jan Di worked in. The name of the porridge shop is ‘Bonjuk’.

Bonjuk porridge has a lot of franchise in South Korea. Besides selling porridge, they also own a Bonjuk Bibimbap shop. Most of their franchise are located in downtown area where it can be easily found.

Many times we seen actors or actresses carried a Bonjuk bag in the drama visiting their sick Mum or Dad. In the past, South Koreans used to eat porridge when they are sick, but now many of them like to eat fresh healthy porridge to clear away the toxic in their body.

Boys Before Flowers Cheese Porridge – W7000

Because of the ‘Boys Before Flowers’ drama, Bonjuk introduces a new porridge named ‘Boys Before Flowers Cheese Porridge’. This porridge can be found in the the Bonjuk menu.

Boys Before Flowers Cheese Porridge

So to all Boys Before Flowers fans, be sure to order this porridge when you visit Bonjuk in Korea in your next trip!