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Dabotap 다보탑 – Drawing on Korea’s 10 Won coin

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Can you remember the drawing on Korea’s 10 Won coin? That’s a sketch of a Dabotap. Korea has been heavily influenced by Buddhism, so it has a lot of cultural articles that are related to Buddhism such as its temples, Buddha statues and pagodas.

The pagoda on the 10 Won coin is the one called Dabotap in Bulguk Temple, in the Gyeongsangbuk-Do city of Gyeongju. The temple itself is quite famous and the biggest one in this city that was once the capital of the Korean kingdom of Silla.

Dabotap – 다보탑 – Korea National Treasure #20

This particular pagoda is National Treasure #20 and  along with another pagoda, Seokgatap, located in the same temple, is very representative of Korean Buddhist pagodas and is protected as a precious cultural property.

Dabotap – 다보탑 – Korea National Treasure #20

It is believed to have been constructed during the Unified Silla period in the tenth year of the reign of King Gyeongdeok, or 751. A lot of people visit Korea and see Bulguk Temple and see Dabotap but never notice that it’s the same pagoda that’s on the 10 won coin.

Seokgatap 석가탑 – Korea National Treasure #21

It was during this same part of the Unified Silla period that the kingdom saw the development of stone sculpture work that has the kind of detail you would ordinarily expect only in woodwork.

Dabotap 다보탑 & Seokgatap 석가탑

So take a closer look at Dabotap the next time you visit Gyeongju and feel the charm of the exquisite stonework.

Source From: Arirang

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