We are going to talk about something ‘SWEET’ today!

In year 1994, Dunkin’ Donuts 던킨도너츠 (An american brand) was introduced into the Korea Market. It is now one of the biggest donuts brand in Korea. Currently there are 500 outlets in Korea and their prices are moderate.

Dunkin’ donuts have a lot of nice design on their donuts. However they are not just Number 1 in their different designs of donuts but also in their different tastes and different promotions they have.

Dunkin’ donuts always have new taste of donuts coming out almost every month. (Wah, how I wish I can have a taste of them all!) Their coffee is also one of the best coffee that Koreans like most.

Recently, Dunkin Donuts invited Lee Min Ho as their spokeperson. Besides having photoshoot session in Apgujeong on 24th February, they also have Lee Min Ho traveled to Thailand on 18th May for 4 days for the commercial shoot at one of the local beach.

Due to the popularity of the Korean TV Drama ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ in Thailand, more than 200 fans gathered at the filming site to catch a glimpse of their favorite idol in person. 

To commemorate Lee Min Ho’s participation, Dunkin’ Donuts will release a new taste of donut with a flower-shaped Berries Donut and call it the Flower Tart, hoping to ride on the success of Boys Before Flowers.

PS: Dunkin’ Donut is still eligible and taste as nice till the next morning if you didn’t put it into the fridge.

Price Range: Between 1000W ~ 1200W (each donut)


  • Myeongdong
  • COEX
  • Daehangno
  • Sinchon
  • Incheon Airport and more

Website: www.dunkindonuts.co.kr

Opening Hours: 08.00 ~ 24.00

Lee Min Ho – Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial