If you are considering what products to get for your tired skin, try the natural Korean cosmetics “Innisfree, an island that gives your skin a rest!”

Innisfree advertise through from Jeju’s natural vitality, makes skin shine and clean. Innisfree is a brand under Amore Pacific Company.

Many celebrities had ever been Innisfree spokeperson for the past 10 years. Starting from Han Chae Young, Kim Tae Hee and Nam Sang Mi.

From May 2006 onwards, Hallyu stars like Song Hye Kyo and Moon Geun Young were also the top Innisfree’s spokeperson. SNSD’s Yoona was selected as the sixth spokeperson of Innisfree starting from autumn 2009.

Innisfree had mentioned that Yoona’s can sing and act well. As a talent artist, her clean and beautiful skin had caught many fans’ attention.

When asked, why Yoona likes Innisfree, she answered that due to her busy schedule as an artist, her skin become more sensitive, however Innisfree products are suitable for sensitive skin and are not hash on skin.

Innisfree products are pack in small packaging to minimize the costs, so that they improve the quality of the products. Also not to have too fancy and gorgeous containers but environmentally friendly material containers.

Innisfree products are simple in design and are practical for green living and recycling collection containers.

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