Saturday May 9, 2009 00:59

Goo Hye Sun’s working apron

Posted by hying

For those readers who have already finished watching the whole series of ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Did you ever notice something that is really, really very interesting? (At least for me it is, haha!)

As you know Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) works as a waitress in the porridge shop. Do you ever notice the apron that Jan Di wears? I’ve viewed through the whole 25  episodes and spotted 4 different designs that were shown in this drama.

The apron designs would change in between a few episodes. So for those who think that watching ‘Boys Over Flowers’ for one time is not good enough for you, watch it again!

Remember to take note of the apron designs and inform me if you happen to spot a new design that I have missed out!

Boys Over Flowers OST

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