Something interesting here to share with you. Can you still remember in the Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘, there is this scene when Jan Di was being kidnapped and Ji Hoon made a call to Jun Pyo and left him a voice message? Do you know how much is that helmet cost that Kim Hyun Joong is wearing on his head?

The price is 15 million Won! The price was revealed by one of Kim Hyun Joong’s representative. And much more was heard that it was manufactured by an Italy company and is the one and only one in Korea! Not only it is not for commercial use, it is also not for sale.

Besides, fans and viewers had been really curious about how Hyun Joong can talk on the phone with his helmet still wearing on his head. Some viewers just make fun by putting a causal remark saying that they know why the helmet cost such a bomb because the person can actually talk on the phone with the helmet on.

Here a video where Kim Hyun Joong was still wearing on with his helmet during the interview. I wonder did he know that?

Arirang TV – Boys Over Flower overseas shoot coverage