What do you do when you feel pain in your stomach? Do you take medicine? Do you go to a clinic or hospital? What did they do in the days when there were no hospitals and no pharmacies?

Scene from ‘My Girl‘ – when the doctor pricked Joo Yoo Rin’s finger

In the old days mothers knew, from experience, various methods for making one’s suffering less. Such remedies passed down through the generations are called mingan yobeop (민간요법) and Korea has many of them.

For example, it is believed that thinly cutting green onion and place it near your nose helps a cold and that wrapping boiled red beans in cloth and putting it on the shoulder will help relieve shoulder pain.

Scene from ‘Likable or Not‘ – when Nah Dan Poong pricked Kang Baek-Ho’s finger

Other remedies include pricking a person’s finger when he is having stomach pains related to indigestion, eating ginger to relieve nausea, or eating plums to fight diarrhea and stomachaches.

You might want to try a traditional Korean home remedy the next time you aren’t feeling well.

Source From: Arirang TV

PS: especially the remedies on pricking a person’s finger had been seen in most Korean TV dramas.

  • Korean TV drama ‘My Girl‘ – when Joo Yoo Rin and Seol Gong Chan spent a night at mountain village. Joo Yoo Rin ate too much and was having stomach aches due to indigestion, Seol Gong Chan brought her to visit a doctor who pricked her finger with needles.
  • Korean TV drama ‘Likable or not‘ – when Kang Baek-Ho and Nah Dan Poong were doing a research on the dumplings taste, Kang Baek Ho ate too much dumplings and was having stomach aches due to indigestion. Nah Dan Poong borrowed a needle and thread from the nearby village and wanted to help Kang Baek Ho by pricking his finger with the needle.

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