Korean star Kwon Sang Woo along with his friends, had just opened his first new coffee shop named Tea’us on the 16th May in Myeongdong at 3pm. The 33 year old actor was present at the launch of the cafe and spoke to the press about his new joint venture.

Why did he choose this name Tea’Us? According to him, he became well known through the Korean TV drama ‘Stairway to Heaven‘. Because of this Korean drama, his fans give him a nickname called ‘The Prince of Tears’. He want to remember this therefore he named his cafe – Tea’Us which sounds like tears.

Although his new Korean TV drama ‘Cinderella Man’ was having poor ratings, but that does not affect him at all. According to the reporters, both Kwon Sang Woo and his wife had chosen this day for the cafe opening ceremony in regard to celebrate their son who was 100 days old.

Although the weather wasn’t good that day, this does not stop or affect the fans of Kwon Sang Woo to come and see their idol. They queue up since early morning in the rain outside the coffee shop, hoping to be first person to drink the coffee that was make by their idol, Kwon Sang Woo.

It was said that Kwon Sang Woo had not been sleeping for the past three days in time for filming, but that does not affect him at all. With the celebration of his son 100 days old and his fans enthusiasm, Kwon Sang woo always has his charming smile on his face. In return, he also give his autographs to his fans who have came and supported him.

If you are going to Seoul, Korea, don’t forget to drop by Kwon Sang Woo’s Tea’Us for a cup of coffee!

Source From: Chosun

  • Address:

Korea: 서울시 중구 충무로 2가 65-9번지하이헤리엇  2층
English: Seoul Jung-gu Chungmuro 2-ga, 65-9 Hi Harriet Building 2F


  • Stop at Myeongdong station (Blue Line)
  • Exit straight out of Exit 6
  • Right across from Migliore building and Pascucci
  • Reach Tabby Fashion Building, go up to level 2
  • Click here for the map and direction video

Kwon Sang Woo @ Tea’Us