On the 13th May, I wrote a post about ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince‘ that was in Hongik. That was the original shooting location. Did you know that MBC TV station invested and started another Coffee Prince shop in Hongik too?

They renovated and designed the shop according to the Coffee Prince Shop theme in the drama. The shop serves coffee, fruits juices, cakes and pancakes. In addition, they also sell souvenirs that are related to the Coffee Prince drama.

Due to the high popularity of the Korean TV drama ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince‘, MBC Global Business Division Office of Contents, Office of Services and Office of New Business cooperated and started a new Coffee Prince Shop.

The MBC Coffee Prince Shop (Name: Tiramisu Coffee Prince Shop) was officially opened on 20th October 2007 at Mapo, Seoul right across the alley of the Hongik University parking lot in a small theater, on the first and second floor.

On the 18th and 19th October 2007 before the official opening day, there are models who dressed up exactly like the waiters in the drama. They were wearing the Coffee Prince uniforms and were out in the streets providing guests with free sample coffee drinks. On the official opening day, all drinks and foods are selling at half price.

MBC Global Business Division expressed that ‘Coffee Prince’ is not simply just a place to buy or drink coffee, they operated this shop as a place to provide young peoples’ participation, as well as a place for dreams to come true.

3 franchises locate in Seoul:

1st franchise:

  • Address: 서울 마포구 서교동 358-116 1,2층
  • Tel: 02-335-4015

2nd franchise:

  • Address: 서울 강동구 445-3 정우빌딩 1층
  • Tel: 02-470-4015

3rd franchise:

  • Address: 서울 강남구 역삼동 706-26 아비스타빌딩 1층
  • Tel: 02-555-8012

Website: www.coffeeprincekorea.com

Opening Hours: 10.00 ~ 22.00