Korea has a diverse range of traditional drinks. Have you tried any? One among them is misutgaru.

Misutgaru Drink

Misutgaru is made by steaming then roasting grains like beans,  barley, glutinous rice, and non-glutinous rice or barley rice to make powder that is then used in a drink, with sugar added to meet one’s taste.

Misutgaru Powder

In the old days misutgaru was a household drink in summer that was so common no house would be without it. They say that it was also used as an important form of emergency food for times of war.

McDonalds in Korea selling Misutgaru Shakes

(hying: I’m definitely gonna to try this!)

That’s because it is plentiful in nutrients and is easy to digest, making it a possible alternative to a regular meal. These days it it a popular diet food among women. How about taking the time today to try misutgaru, which tastes good and is good for your health.

Source From: Arirang