Have you ever been to Incheon? As a port city, it is next to the sea and that makes for plenty of places to see. One among them is Muuido, or Muui Island, the set for the well known Korean dramas “Stairways to Heaven” and “Silmido’.

Muuido gets its name from the fact that its shape looks like someone dancing with a military officer’s clothes on. Islands nearby are called Daemuuido and Somuuido, for “large Muuido” and “small Muuido”.

Look a little further and you’ll see Silmido. Muuido is near Yeongjongdo (Yeongjong Island), where Incheon International Aiport is located.

You can get there by taking a ferry from the dock at Jamjindo, which you’ll find if you go about 5 to 10 minutes from Yeongjong Bridge while following signs for Muuido. The natural scenery is beautiful and well preserved, and since you’ll get to see the setting for Korean movies and television dramas it’s well worth the trip.

Source: Arirang