Have you ever heard of naengmyeon (냉면)? The name literally means ‘cold noodles’. You really want to have some when it gets hot in summer, though they say it is supposed to be eaten in winter.

There are largely two types, the spicy hot bibim naengmyeo (비빔 냉면) and another variety called mul naengmyeon (물 냉면), which has a refreshingly cool broth.

Bibum Naengmyeon

Mul Naengmyeon

Naengmyeon always seems to have half a boiled egg in it. Have you ever wondered why?

It is to protect your stomach. The noodles in naengmyeon are made from buckwheat and flour, and since buckwheat has cellulose in it you can damage your stomach if you eat it when your stomach is empty. That half an egg serves to keep you stomach occupied.

You’ll find eggs in other Korean noodle dishes as well for the same reason. Korean food does not involve courses, so the egg serves to excite the appetite and protect your stomach in a country where there aren’t usually appetizers. It also makes the noodles look pretty. The next time you have naengmyeon, be sure to eat your egg first.

Source From: Arirang
Video From: Maangchi


  • A package of cold noodles
  • onion
  • garlic
  • green onions
  • ginger
  • cucumber
  • egg
  • 1 bosc pear
  • hot pepper flakes
  • hot pepper paste
  • sesame seeds
  • vinegar
  • sesame oil
  • corn syrup,
  • salt
  • soy sauce
  • sugar
  • mustard powder

1) Make stock by boiling 8 cups of water, 3-4 shiitake mushrooms, dried kelp, and 8-10 dried anchovies

2) Prepare toppings for naengmyeon

  • Mustard powder:

Mix 2 tbs of mustard powder and 1 tbs water and put it on warm place to ferment it.
(I place it on the top of boiling stock)

  • Cucumber:

Slice a quarter of cucumber thinly and sprinkle a pinch of salt, 1 ts of sugar, 1 ts of
vinegar, and a pinch of hot pepper flakes and mix it and set it aside

  • Bosc pear:

Slice a half pear thinly and soak it in water and add 1 ts sugar to protect it from
changing color

  • Egg:

Hardboil an egg, cut it in half, and set it aside

3) Make hot and spicy sauce for bibim naengmyeon, by grinding these ingredients:

  • A half of peeled bosc pear, a quarter of onion (about 3 tbs), 1 ts garlic, 1 ts of ginger, ½ cup of corn syrup, 4 tbs hot pepper flakes, 3 tbs hot pepper paste, ¼ cup of apple vinegar, 1 tbs sesame seeds, 3 green onions, 1 tbs soy sauce
  • Place the ground sauce into a container and add 1 tbs sesame oil and 1 ts of fermented mustard and mix it.

4) Make naengmyeon broth by mixing 1 cup of Yeolmu kimchi juice and 2 cups of stock.( you can add some vinegar or salt and sugar)

5)  Boil the noodles:

  • Put noodles into boiling water in a big pot (2/3 of the pot is filled with water). The direction of cooking noodles is on the back of the noodle package and it usually takes 3-4 minutes to boil after putting the noodles into the boiling water. You can take some sample to check if the noodles are cooked enough or not.
  • When the noodles are cooked, move the pot into a kitchen sink and pour cold water and remove some water and pour cold water again. This process helps the noodles get chewier.
  • Place the noodles into a basket or colander and keep rinsing and draining the noodles until all starch from the noodles are removed.

6. Serve it cold cold!

a) For mul naengmyeon:

  • Put some noodles into a serving bowl and fill the broth until the noodles are submerged.
  • Add crushed ice and place toppings: yeolmu kimchi, a few pieces of pear and cucumber, and a half side of boiled egg on top.
  • Add 1 ts of mustard

b) For bibimnaengmyeon:

  • Put some noodles into a serving bowl.
  • Add a half cup of icy broth
  • Place some hot and spicy sauce, yeolmu kimchi, a few pieces of pear and cucumber and a half side of boiled egg on top.
  • Add some more sesame oil if you want.

How to cook Naengmyeon