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NongShim – Shin Ramyun

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The reason why Shin Ramyun has become one of Korean’s favorite instant noodles brand in 1988 is because of it fiery red, spicy taste hot soup that can make you cry.

Shin Ramyun – Pack Noodle

If you have a pack that do not have this big black letter ‘Shin’ (辛) word in front or bright red color packaging, the taste of the noodle would be much more different. The design of the packaging has boast the sales of Shin Ramyun.

The biggest success of the Shin Ramyun’s design is that it demonstrates the use of visual preferences of the Korean spicy habits which had been passed down from generation. Although Kimchi and Korean barbecue are all spicy Korean food, but none of these products uses this visual preferences like Shin Ramyun do.

Shin Ramyun – Cup Noodle

Design critic has said: “With the contrast of red and black color and the strong Chinese calligraphy letter, it brings out the sense of Korean spicy nature perfectly. However the public evaluated that the completion of the design is not refine enough. In other words, comparing to the Japan instant noodles packaging, the proportion and coordination are the various elements that affect the refinement of the packaging.

Shin Ramyun – Cooked Noodle

The ‘Shin’ word has become a symbol of the Korean spicy. Then who had written this word ‘Shin’? The team leader of the Packaging Design Association of Korea was responsible for the packaging design for Shin Ramyun. In order for the word ‘Shin’ to show out the strong spiciness of the noodle, he has been searching nationwide for calligraphers to offer their calligraphy to him.

Among those calligraphy, they selected the work of a calligrapher who lives in Ansan region. He had wrote about the history of Chusa in his calligraphy. However the team leader expressed: “It’s has been a long time, I cannot remember the name of that calligrapher.” NongShim has also expressed that they do not keep any specific information about this calligrapher.

Shoppers buying cartons of ramen

Shin Ramyun is a Korea trademark product. The noodle exports more than 80 countries over the world. However, unfortunately, the product design which has been used for more than 20 years does not left behind any information.

Official Website: NongShim Website

PS: It was said that Shin Ramyun noodle is thicker and larger portion than any other ordinary instant noodle and would not become musty if left for hours. I even found out that Jamie Oliver has a Shim Ramyun article on his website. Cool!

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I like korean people,culture and tv drama and……this food.
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