The Face Shop products were made from natural plant ingredients. Using high quality and reasonable price, The Face Shop ‘attacked’ into the Korea’s evaluate skin care markets.

Using the concept of ‘Natural Story’, The Face Shop cosmetic skin care products are made of natural plants ingredients which can be easily access from our daily lives. They used the original ingredients like fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants and produce more than 600 kinds of cosmetics.

Myeong Dong 1st Shop

The Face Shop stores are very popular among young people because of their fine quality and moderate prices. They got listed by the Republic of Korea as the best selling brand.

Myeong Dong 2nd Shop

The Face Shop also gets artistes to be their spokesperson and therefore attracted many consumers to purchase their products. They started with asking Kwon Sang Woo as their spokesman.

Their main skin care products are mainly female make-up and skin care. They also sell male and baby’s cleansing and skin care products.

The Face Shop stores operated as a chain business and are all over Seoul’s main business district and Seoul’s the Mass Transit Railway Station.


Myeongdong Seoul Metropolitan Subway Stations

Websites: (korean) (english)

Opening Hours: 11.00 ~ 22.00

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