The concept of The Saem is very different from other products where they bring their product more closer to the consumers.

Through time and space, the pursuit of beauty is the dream of all women. It is passed down from generation to generation through the collection of a variety of world and traditional beauty recipes tested, to retrieve the skin passage of time.

Integrated handed down from generation to generation around the world, conducive to the diversity of skin secrets, The Saem open up to 49 series and 750 kinds of products. Each product is given an interesting story behind it.

The Saem spokesman – Lee Seung Gi

He is active in drama, arts community and ranked as one of the top stars last year. With a 40% ratings in his Korean drama “Brilliant Legacy” gained him a high popularity.

The Saem company said: “Lee Seung Gi is not only humble, but he is also honest and has a healthy image.  He also gives out a charm that can stimulate the female feeling, therefore he can be expected to play a strong force as the spokesman of The Saem.”

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