If you are a Korean TV drama addict like me, it’s not hard to notice the storyline of the drama. Let me know if you happen to know more!

  1. Most of the time the leading actors are rich and leading actress are poor
  2. The actor and actress always started off disliking each other, then they will fell in love with each other
  3. Most of the time the male actor and actress would sign a contract (fake marriage contract, fake dating contract etc)
  4. Usually the rich guys are always a jerk – they will purposely make fun of/bully the main actress
  5. Usually the girls are very honest and decent
  6. The actor and actress already know each other since childhood
  7. Brothers/Cousins/Uncles and Nephews will always fell in love with the same girl
  8. Sisters/Cousins/Friends will always fell in love with the same guy
  9. There are always four persons involved in the love relationship
  10. Kissing scenes are always very romantic – by the sea, on the hill/mountain (beautiful scenery)