If you ever watch all these 3 versions Meteor Garden series (Taiwanese Version, Japanese Version and Korean Version) You may notice that different countries came out with their very own necklaces.

Still remember the scene in episode 12 where Jan Di was being kidnapped and being rescued out by F4. In order for a change of mood, F4 together with Jan Di and her best friend, Ga Eul went to ski at the ski resort. While they were there, Jun Pyo presented the one and only unique design necklace to Jan Di. It was a shape of a star with a moon shape inside the star. Represent that Jan Di would not be able to escape away from Jun Pyo. It acts as a symbol of love between the two of them.

In the Japanese version, the necklace is a shape of Saturn. According to local custom in Japan, both Domyoji and Makino are from Saturn. Therefore the appearance of the necklace is like a Saturn.

Talking about Taiwanese version, it’s the first drama version of Meteor Garden. In Chinese culture, it is to believe that when one see a meteor and make a wish it will come true. And in this version, Dao Ming Si told Shan Cai that when a woman see a meteor she will always be loved. Therefore the necklace acts like a symbol of the cupid’s wings.

Although all versions of Meteor Garden have the scene on the main actor giving the main actress the necklace but because of the different culture of each country come along with some appropriate changes to suit the drama.

:D So which necklace do you like best?

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