A survey shows that 98% of 20 to 30 year old women are interested in plastic surgery. Recently, more men are also involved in this plastic surgery trend.

Chosun Ilbo conducted a survey of 200 women age from 20 to 30 years old. 58% of the respondents admitted that they did plastic surgery before. About 98% respondents replied that if they can break through their psychological barrier and they have the money, they would go for the surgery.

Being asked is spiritual identity more important than the appearance, no one in the survey agreed. South Korea’s plastic surgery has expanded regardless of age level, teenagers of age 16 as well as elderly aged over 60 have never get tired of plastic surgery.

A representative in a high school in Incheon said that every year there are 30 to 50 students going for plastic surgery. There are even some parents who let them go for plastic surgery if they manage to enter college.

A 68 year old woman surname Song said that she has her double eyelids surgery 3 years ago. This year she is going for liposuction. At first her husband opposed her to go for plastic surgery. However recently, he praised her that she has become more beautiful and allow her to go for her nose surgery.

There are also an increasing number of men cosmetic surgery in South Korea. A cosmetic surgery hospital said that there are about 10 male queries daily in the clinic.

Source From: Chosun