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A visit to Kim Sam Soon’s House

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It’s had been a while since I last talk about Korean travel. So for today I will be talking about my last visit to Korea ^^
As most of my readers would have known that my very first Korean drama is ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’, therefore I won’t want to miss visiting the drama shooting location.

The shooting location that I’m gonna talk about is Kim Sam Soon’s House. Many Kim Sam Soon’s fans should have remember that Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) mortgage her father house to Hyun Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) in order to pay off the debts. This is also how their relationships started to grow.

Many will have remember that this wooden pavilion (Picture 1). Yup, that was where Jin Heon (Hyun Bin) had always sat to wait for Kim Sam Soon to alight from the bus. However the wooden pavilion is slightly different from what is shown in the drama. Think it might have been renovated.

Next we have arrived at the O’Wall Wine & Pasta by HJ. If you remember, this store used to be a convenience store where Kim Sam Soon asked for a cigarette to smoke. ^^

Moving on I turned back and took another photo. This is the road where Kim Sam Soon used to walk home after she alighted from the bus.

Next coming to the long slope way to Kim Sam Soon’s House. This slope is quite steep and I think I can really lose weight if I would to climb up and down everyday ^^

Tala! And here we are outside Kim Sam Soon’s House. The gate had been painted in white (if I don’t remember wrongly, it used to be in blue or silver)

I actually took a peep inside the house and see if anyone is living in the house. Unfortunately, no one was staying in the house and there is a small notice pasted at the side door – ‘House For Rent’. I also noticed that the swing was no longer there.

Overall I feel happy that I would able to visit the location, while looking at this photos really brought back alot of memories to me. Including the drama and my visit to the house.^^

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