On the 15th June onwards, China and Japan local televisions would begin to broadcast Seoul CF featuring DBSK and Super Junior.

CF in china would be broadcast on the theme ‘Infinitely yours, Seoul’ which introduced Seould Hanjeongsik, shopping, clubs, Han River and Nanta performances.

In this CF, DBSK would be acting as hair designers and providing their services to the Chinese tourists. And as for Super Junior, they would be playing the role as the club show host (DJ)

As for the Japan version, the CF would highlight Dongdaemun shopping malls, Sauna, open air carriage and Seoul’s main attractions. In addition, DBSK would have their concert in front of the Banpo Bridge with the Banpo Water Fountain.

Seoul City planned this year theme as  ‘Infinitely yours, Seoul’ through the idea of the ’24 hour living city’ and ‘experience beyond the limits of the city’. These CF would publicize through all regions.

Starting from 30th June onwards, CF featuring DBSK, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation would be broadcast in Southeast Asia.

China CF – Version 1

China CF – Version 2

China CF – Version 3 (No audio)

Japan CF – Version 1

Japan CF – Version 2

Asia Version 3