Jindo, or “Jin Island,” located in South Jeolla province, is home to the “Jindogae.” a designated natural treasure. This species of dog receive special government protection.

In order to preserve the bloodline and maintain the species, each has a special chip placed in its body as soon as it is born in order to keep track of them, and you need to have a government permit to remove one from the island.

A one-month old Jindo Gae on Jindo Island.

Most Jindogae fall into five categories, according to appearance;
1) Yellow dog (hwanggu,황구)
2) White dog (baekgu, 백구)
3) Gray dog (jaegu, 재구)
4) Tiger dog (hogu, 호구)
5) Four-eyed dog (nenunbagi, 네눈박이)

In very rare cased you can find Jindogae that are more reddish than yellow, or that have alternating colors like baduk board.

Yellow dog (hwanggu,황구)

White dog (baekgu, 백구)

Gray dog (jaegu, 재구)

Tiger dog (hogu, 호구)

Four-eyed dog (nenunbagi, 네눈박이)

Jindogae are famous for being highly active and thoroughly faithful to their owners. There are many touching stories about them, like when one was found next to its owner five days after the owner had died, or about one that crossed several provinces to find its way home. It is a Korean dog, one well loved for its courage and strength despite its small size, and for its intelligence.

Source: Arirang
Photos: Google